Saturday, August 8, 2009

Entry 29: Long Ass Time

I haven't been posting because I've been so busy with a job and real life and everything. I've been working on DJing a ton manually (no midi, just straight cdj mixing), and its been good. Alot of new music that I want to show you guys is also coming, my taste has not changed at all. Well anyways, back to the blogging subject.

New Sebastian is rough, although not the first time the beginning track in this clip has been played, I think he played it at cinespace (?) back in April? Well anyways, looks good. And another thing to point out, Boys Noize new album entitled "Power" is coming out in October I believe, and the new tracklist is not to dissapoint. Here's the album art. Oh and another goodie to be thrown in, he has announced a "WORLD TOUR".

Till next time - Moofin

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