Saturday, April 3, 2010

Entry 67: Spring Break Posts

First and foremost, I think its time to get some mixes out of the way, a total of 3 mixes, 2 posted, have been made this spring break. For blog viewers, I'm so sorry that I didn't get the mixes and the DL' links up on the blog at the same time it was uploaded, I've just been trying to enjoy myself. Having that out of the way, I've learned alot during this spring break, just in general. I'm never going to stop djing because I always love music and creating these mixes for collections, as far as production, I've been slacking it. I haven't even been experimenting with half of the synths and other insturments in Logic, instead, I've been using meere drum kits, which equal into boring sounding repetitive songs, nobody wants to hear that. I decided to quit fucking around and just start working at it. All in all, here are the collection of mixes.


Spring Break Mixtape by Moofin on Mixcloud



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