Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Entry 20: New Stuff New News

So yeah, im not updating as much as I used to and now its getting to the point where its like im getting tired, but i need to bring this blog up and actually find people that care about this shit. Anyways, i know everyone reading this and listening to this song already knows its one summer jam because every festival you probably went to, Pon De Floor has been played. It was released not too long ago, actually very recent, but I was excited. It is definatly going in my setlist for a while. But anyways, I'm actually going through a lazy phase and kinda ditching my evo and its actually been collecting dust, but ehh :/ I went back to cdjs 2 days ago, and I'm going to train on that, saving on a new PC for a mothership for maybe future production if laziness doesn't catch on to me. Otherwise, i'm stressed, I deleted my facebook and myspace and made me a twitter.


enjoy the song

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