Monday, July 13, 2009

Entry 27: Big Tunes

DJ Klever was throwing it down @ Avalon on the 10th of July, and shit looked bonkers. When you got the dmc champ djing in front of you, you know its gonna be killer. Anyways, I was also looking at phone comparison this week because I was thinking of getting a new phone after I'm done with buying mbook/logic express (if anyone wants to know why im getting express first, experience, then upgrade to the real thing, same price as if you were buying it all up front.) So the big race was the Iphone 3gs vs the blackberry bold (both would be same price because I would get the 32gig.) Heres what I could find.

Iphone 3gs includes:
High Quality Video Camera (Yes I have tested it, the quality is fine)
Focus Picture Camera
Touch Screen (Obv)
32 gigabytes of stored movies and music
Applications such as a radio which you can stream off of anywhere if using EDGE service
Fast internet
Youtube stream
On speed calling

Blackberry Bold:
leather back design
keyboard right in front of you on spot
flash on camera
video camera (cannot stand up to Iphones quality)
pin # system, basically free texting to bberrys
aim on the spot

but I'm going to have to go with the iphone, i need my music


deadmau5 - complications (stream here, click song title for download)

the reason I picked this track for bonus, ok I know its old news, but the drop in the beginning is so monster, mass created by the mau5, enjoy!

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