Friday, January 8, 2010

Entry 53: Maximus is Back Again, and what?

So yeah, pretty much my friend Maximus (The boy that was DJing with me at Sunset) made a mix before he came to see me (no homo.) So yeah, not much to say besides to get ready for hard electro. He had to cut it short so its only like 40 something minutes long. I'll try to put it up on stream later tonight or tommorow, but don't expect it.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Its Called House Not Techno by Maximus NOW!

In other news, a local kid in my school by the name of G-Yom just came out with a Black Eyed Peas remix for the song, "I Gotta Feeling." Be sure to check that out, obviously I have the link for you guys right here.

his facebook here.

I Gotta Feeling (Dj G-yom Remix) by djgyom

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