Monday, January 18, 2010

Entry 57: Karu & Y

Ok so pretty much its been a super week for me, first off I started on Friday playing a set at Scorpico Multiplayer, it was good. Saturday came and i played a set for a girls quince which I totally got jipped by a local DJ named "DJ Eddie." Future dj's thinking to book with this guy, don't, unless if you don't want any money, he doesn't make any promises. When Sunday hit, things began to change. Me and Max played a set out for about 45 minutes in total between two breaks. We actually got called out by the manager to DJ at Karu & Y this friday (the flyer that is the picture), so any viewers/listeners (guys 21+, girls 18+), come, its going to be worth it, OUR SET IS @ 3-4 AM, SO DON'T MISS IT! And today's material, LONG OVERDUE MIX RIGHT HERE, enjoy it, its in my opinion a very, very good mix. I also posted a video for last night, just to show you guys how it was :D.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Moofin: The Victory Mix

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