Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Entry 64: I Want House WMC @ Mekka Tomorrow!

So I Want House WMC is tommorow and one thing is on my mind, how soon everything came. Think about it, just a couple of months ago to August, I was stuck in all ages and house parties, and now i've moved myself up from solo with a partner in the clubs, not saying I got carried or anything, because everything i've done was done from pure effort. I hustled to get to my spot, and i'm proud on wherever part i stand, its exciting though. All these clubs and everything. Oh by the way, for people attending tommorow, the party got moved to Mekka, the address is on the flyer. Other then that, the mix is great, its exciting, its awesome, like always, it will make you dance. Good song choice and creative juices. Enjoy conference goers <3

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