Thursday, March 25, 2010

Entry 65: Club Soda is No More

First off, how would I start off with this post.....Today Me and Max went separate ways to do other things, Club Soda is no more. I mean, what can I say, we both are rather better off alone then being a duo still. It was fun in the beginning, but as the present started to string together problems between us, we knew it wasn't going to work, or at least I did. I broke it off with him, saying that I needed to become solo, I just preform better, and I just can't deal with a partner right now, its just way too much confusion when it comes to what does what. Maybe I'm overthinking it, but its official, we're done, I'm going to start focusing on myself, and myself only, the way it was suppose to be done. I'm going to continue production, mixes, and as a DJ under the name of Moofin, like always, the way it started. I'm just going to have to rebuild myself up after the breakup, but whatever challenge is face, I'll do it. I wouldn't be at the place I am without you guys, keep listening, keep dancing, and keep loving it. As for Max, I wish him luck to whatever comes to him. Not only the breakup happened, but my mixer got fucked up, as you can see by the picture I was trying to rewire something, fucking bullshit. Whatever, old faithful had its plays. Enjoy the mix, I hope you guys understand.

If you guys want a download link, please tell me.

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  1. Hey, i always got your back, besides, groups like Blake and Jones, they stayed solo for years but knew they wanted to join up. Took em a while, you will find someone to work with peter! I know it