Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Entry 13: Rippin it more on the EVO!

sebastiAn, always having a cigarette in his mouth'.Yeah so if you haven't been reading I obviously got the evo and I have to tell you, it is a shitload of fun looking through my music folder and finding songs I havent really been listening to and just ripping them, there's just so many possibilities a $260 midi controller can do! So if anyone really wants to know my setup, here is an idea.

Cheap picture lol, click to enlarge
Well anyways, here is some other news. I've been looking at tracks (oh what a surprise) and I realize yo some shits really bangin! But yeah I'm thinking of turning in DS games (what a cringe) for cash so I can buy an audio i/o for my laptop (since I use the evo now) + I'm thinking of selling my cdj 200's and my old setup w/ the speakers and PA. Here's the shit: 2 Pioneer CDJ-200's, 2 Peavy PR12 PA Speakers, 1 Yamaha 200 watt powered mixer, and MAYBE my X6 Numark mixer (because I might use it for plugging in the speakers + an extra sub for nice bass.) Here are some tracks I found this week, enjoy, and sorry I'm late on the updates, I'm so fucking lazy.

Boys Noize - Wisconsin '95
l electronic, electro
l stream: youtube
l heard: itunes

Ferrin and Low - Breeze (Original Mix)
l trance, electronic, electronica
l stream: youtube
l heard: Sean Elmore my man!

Daft Punk - Human After All (sebastiAn Remix)
l electro, electronic
l stream: youtube
l heard: One More Song Episode 1: Hooligan Disco

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