Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Entry 14: Name Change

Yeah, today there is big news, I got a name change, and for alot of people reading this, alot of them will finally say "FINALLY MOTHERFUCKER!" To be honest, I'm staying with this name, no more flippy floppy bullshit with the names, but I think Moofin suits me the best. For a little history lesson on the name, obviously for some people reading this that are my close friends, this was my nickname for like 6 years, due to a PC game. Alot of my friends just called me the name and then it brushed off on everyone, I'm trapped with this name forever until the grave, but I love every one who calls me it. Close post to everyone, and thanks to everybody for driving me to name myself this (lol some drive.) Anyways I was looking back on the Guetta set I saw back in March @ UMF 11, and I gotta say, the set had its ups and laughs more. The "Just a Little More Love" drop is a lol, and the together loop, but also, I have to give the remix he put up which is the Love is Gone vs American boy remix, so fucking good. Anyways, here are the links.

David Guetta @ UMF 11 - "Just A Little More "and "When Love Takes Over"

David Guetta @ UMF 11 - 'American Boy" vs. "Love is Gone"

Make sure to watch both in HQ

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