Saturday, May 30, 2009

Entry 15: On the Horizon

5 Macbooks + a shitload of midi, btw richie hawtin

Ok so now I'm thinking about the future and I see a pretty organized thing going around with everything. First off, equipment is pretty much vital to the work I do. Right now I'm using an HP DV9000 Laptop which runs Ableton decent enough for what I'm doing, a Lexicon interface which is obviously for I/O's, my midi controller (UC33e) which is beast, a PA 200 watt mixer with two speakers (specifically two Peavey PR12's). I mean, I'm not saying that my setup is bad, but it does have some potential to kick major. Right now I'm saving up for these two Peavey speakers (specifically the PV 215 Dual 15") which run at 1400 watts max, but my idea is to run both of them at 900 watts, giving off 1.8k power to each, by the way, I'll be running this off a Peavey 2600 watt power amp. This basically qualifies with 800 watts left over, so probably this would mean no short circuit bull. I might run a conditioner depending on what I do. As far as the laptop goes, I think its fine, because the only thing that's in it is music, which will probably be xfer'd into an external hard drive soon. My midi controller will be with me. For the mixer, I am debating on getting either a DJM 800 or a Xone:92, but thats way in the future after I literally know every component in Ableton, and I still have to find a preset log that I can map out in my mind before I buy the mixer. As far as everything else, a Macbook wouldn't be a bad edition, that will be when I have money to throw away. So the math is:

$300x2 =-$600 - Speakers
$600 - Power Amp
$1200-1700 - Xone: 92

lets get that 2000 somethin.

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